Frequently asked questions

Do I have to buy my child and instrument?

NO! I have not and will not ever turn away a student who wants to be in band that can not afford an instrument!! 
There are good rental programs from area music stores if you DO want to get your child his or her own instrument.  I do have a limited supply of certain instruments and there for can not always offer what some students would like to play most.

Can my child be in athletics AND band?

Absolutely!!  I have had a large number of athletes in the Cardinal band.  We are very lucky here at Maud ISD to have a staff that is willing to work together so our children can participate in EVERYTHING! 

I have heard band takes up too much time! Is this true?

I get this one a lot.  No, we practice during the band period and have one extra practice a week. We go back and forth between a Monday night and Tuesday night practice to help work around the Volleyball schedule.

Can my child get a scholarship playing in band if they don't plan on majoring in music?

YES YES YES!!  This is the most asked question from parents of 11th and 12th grade band students.  There are universities out there they will help pay for most of your child's tuition just to come to their school and play his or her instrument around an hour a day!  I have had a student offered a scholarship every year I have been here at Maud ISD and plan on having many many more!