Gradebook Viewer Instructions

txConnect for Parents and Students

Dear Parents,

            You were given a letter at the beginning of school with your student’s Portal ID Number.  This number enables you to enter the gradebook and view  your student’s grades.   We have already helped several parents set-up their accounts. We encourage you to do this to be aware of your student’s progress. 

            When you first use the txConnect you enter through the Maud ISD web-site www.maudisd.net;click “parents”; gradebook viewer; then proceed as a New User.  The menu will look as follows:

The user name and password are your personal identification.  The school does not give you that information.  After you have left this screen, you will proceed to the screen below.

This screen is where you create a User Name and Password.

Make sure you include your e-mail address because In the near future the system will send e-mails to you when your student drops below a grade level in which you personally set.

After you have completed the above screen click “Next”.  It will take you to a screen where you will enter the student Portal Number and birthdate to successfully set up the account.  If for some reason you did not receive, or have lost the Portal ID Number letter, please contact Wava Stinnett or Mark Forsyth at 903-585-2219.

We have found that the“Help” button at the beginning of the process is very “user friendly”.  If you follow the “Help” path, it will walk you right through setting up your account.

After the first initial set-up procedure, you will only have to enter the User Name and Password to access the gradebook

Please note: If you have three unsuccessful attempts logging on (invalid user ID/password combinations), the system will lock out your account for 20 minutes. 

There are several options that are available.  One is the e-mail alert part of the system. Under the tab: “Subscribe to Alerts”.  If you click any of those options it will send to your e-mail address an alert any time your student has excused absences,unexcused absences or tardies, as well as average alerts, incomplete assignments and missing assignments.

We encourage you to take advantage of the new gradebook and be a part of your student’s school career.  It has been proven that when parents are involved, children are more successful in the learning process.